1. Standard Accordion

2. Advanced Power Accordion

Use this module when you want an icon in the title.

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3. Power FAQ

Adds FAQ Page schema to the page as per Google's Structured Data guideline.

Design Process Agreement

The first step after accepting AccuNet's project quote, is to sign our Design Process Agreement. This form is used to help our clients gather the necessary files and information that AccuNet needs to begin the graphic design process.

Discuss Design Details

AccuNet will meet online with our one client representative to discuss a number of design details. We will summarize
our conversation(s) into a design plan and email it to you for approval. Information we will discuss includes:

  • Website color scheme, font preferences for headings and content
  • The use of images in the header and page titles
  • Header area content requirements (logo, search bar, tag lines, phone, address, etc.)
  • Organization of the mega menu (if wanted)
  • Website site map organization
  • Implementation of all features listed in the RFP
  • Unique layout of the home page content
  • Footer content to be seen at the bottom of every page of the website

Once all needed information is known, AccuNet will schedule your graphic design aspect of the project. It normally takes 5-10 business days for our graphic design team to deliver a mock up. The date we submit a mock up design for your review starts the 12 week project completion clock.

Design Review

This one mock up design will be reviewed by you and all editing ideas submitted back to AccuNet at one time.

Complete Request

AccuNet will then complete requested edits within 1-2 business days.

Apply Design

Once the design is approved, it takes 4-5 days business days to apply the design into the website account.

Website Launch

We anticipate it will take 10-20 business days to complete page creation and to add your content. However, AccuNet can start moving your content while the graphic design process moves forward in order to tighten the timeline to launch.

Website Content Edit

Your website editors can be trained pre or post launch on how to edit and add new content to the website. AccuNet's only requirement is that we have the bulk of the content moved before we start training.