Here is one row of navigation that is centered.

Need two rows? Top row is not sticky.  Need separate mobile menu.


Search icon opens a search field overlay


Logo and navigation overlay the tall image or slide show.

Header can also house search, phone, social, address, tag line

Icon row

Icon row overlays tall image/slide show in order to conserve space.

Announcement/notice row

This example shows "complete content" notices and announcements.

They are one at a time with arrows and dots to move through the content manually.    Additional display options include:


Here is a button with 4pt rounded corners.  Want squared off, more rounded?

Unique Content

What makes your home page unique? 

  • Do you have frequently updated content?
  • Home town message/images?
  • Do you want to direct viewers to specific pages within website?
  • Is the Document Library enough? Or do you want to put documents on pages as needed?

Calendar agenda list example

Document Central

Here is a category of the document library displayed.


Footer content is at the bottom of every page. 

It frequently has color/image background, possibly a sign up form and social media, as well as general contact information.  

Use this module to create mouse over info.